How to pay

We accept cash on delivery or payment via internet banking. (Please note funds must be cleared prior to delivery)

MSD Quotes

We are WINZ registered & can provide quotes on request. Please message us with your name, address, email, type of wood & quantity required.
Alternatively, use our shopping system & use ‘quote’ as the payment option.

Quotes are usually completed within 24hours (business days) & Work & Income generally pay the same day you apply (subject to their terms).


Laybys are made on an agreed quantity, payment amount & frequency. There are no hidden charges.
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All our prices are GST inclusive unless specified otherwise


We deliver our firewood in our large tipper trailer, which holds up-to 6 cubic metres of wood.
The height is 2.2m, if you have low hanging trees or anything you don’t want damaged please let us know in advance.

Due to trailer size & logistics some areas cannot be accessed, we do our best to tip the wood where requested but may need to tip it somewhere else if we cannot access the requested area. If you have a narrow, steep or tricky driveway please let us know in advance.

We offer free local delivery*, out of town is charged as a km rate, please send us your address for a delivery price.
* There is a 3m3 minimum for free local delivery & must be within 10k’s of our yard.


If you would like to pick up your own firewood, please contact us to arrange a suitable time. This ensures we are there & not out on delivery.
You can pick-up with a trailer, ute, boot load etc. We take measurements to determine how many cubic metres will fit & charge accordingly.


You may have bought dry wood before only for it to turn up wet, or you may just want a nosey before you buy. Either way we understand & are more than happy for you to come & view. Please check our contact page for opening hours, or arrange a time to come see us & have a chat.

Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of the wood we sell, if you have any issues we encourage you to contact us straight away to rectify them.
We check the dryness of our firewood using a moisture meter ensuring it’s ready to burn when you receive it. (Unless otherwise specified)

Splitting Process

We source our logs from forestry & farms sites. They’re unloaded at our yard & left to season for a year. The logs are then cut & split.
When loading a delivery our firewood goes through a separator filtering out most of the fine debris & the leftover pieces make fantastic kindling!


Our split wood is left to continue drying in our roofed, open-sided shed. Our shed lets a lot of air flow through which allows for fantastic drying conditions. It is stored here in the shed until ready to be sold.

Cubic Metre Measurement

Our firewood is sold as a ‘thrown cubic metre’, which means the quantity of wood is measured as if it were thrown into a container rather than stacked.

A cubic metre (m3) is a volume measurement made by multiplying height x width x length i.e. 1mx1mx1m = 1m3

When’s the best time to buy my firewood?

Spring & summer are the best times to stock up. Buying unseasoned firewood & drying it yourself is cheaper than buying dry firewood in winter.
We offer a discount on our firewood during these seasons.

What’s the best way to store my firewood?

Stack your firewood under a cover or against a sheltering wall & off the ground where possible.
Ensure you store it in a well-ventilated area & leave gaps for air to pass through, wood likes space to breathe.